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Friday, August 7th 2009

12:29 AM

Warning: Suspicious File

Oh my goodness! I knew it. I knew that it's not that safe to play games online because you might get some malwares or viruses  but i thought this site Y8.com  is safe from those annoying freakin thing. Now what's going to happen after i got this big warning from my antivirus. I am afraid it may ruin again my old PC. ...phew!

Anyway, i knew a lot of people are fun of playing on this site. I must admit i got hooked up with their games for a short time today. I love most of their games especially the cooking and collecting games but be warned as one of their games has a malwares. My only  hope is that the site must have  control of it's game downloader. They should check which have malwares.

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