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Saturday, November 14th 2009

10:37 PM

Tying The Knot

It's been a while now since the last time i posted here. I miss posting but i think my free space here is nearly consume so i had to stop or else i will pay. But-well, a short post to update won't be too large to consume my remaining bytes.

Anyway, i am really happy that me and my fiance will soon tie the knot. We are going to have a beach wedding this coming 14th of February 2010. We are really both excited. Its gonna be a very special day for both of us. Today i was thinking for a specific thing to be our perfect give aways or souvenirs for our beach wedding. I browse the net and got some ideas. I like seashells so i probably look for something that made of it. This reminds me of my childhood when i used to live near the coast line. I used to collect little seashells as my favorite past time when  i was young. It was really fulfilling feeling to collect colorful and different kind of little seashells. Same feeling that me and my sister feels this time whenever we see a new Pooh  Collection. Well i supposed it's the same feeling that collectors feels whenever they add new on their collectibles. So as for my give aways or souvenirs i am sure i'll find something perfect on native shops here. If not then i probably create my own unique design. Anyway, this will be just a short post to update. Hopefully soon, i can make new one to update on our  up coming wedding.

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Saturday, August 8th 2009

1:22 AM

Pooh's Thoughts for the Day


I am sharing this 'coz you might need this thoughts of wisdom and perhaps i must remember this myself. It will do good. have a nice day!

" Do not ask the Lord to guide your steps if you are not willing to move your feet. Let not fear hold you back. God is never run out of blessings".


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Friday, August 7th 2009

12:29 AM

Warning: Suspicious File

Oh my goodness! I knew it. I knew that it's not that safe to play games online because you might get some malwares or viruses  but i thought this site Y8.com  is safe from those annoying freakin thing. Now what's going to happen after i got this big warning from my antivirus. I am afraid it may ruin again my old PC. ...phew!

Anyway, i knew a lot of people are fun of playing on this site. I must admit i got hooked up with their games for a short time today. I love most of their games especially the cooking and collecting games but be warned as one of their games has a malwares. My only  hope is that the site must have  control of it's game downloader. They should check which have malwares.

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Wednesday, August 5th 2009

10:10 PM

Final Goodbye

Today was a very long day for us Filipinos. A final goodbye for our ex-President Cory Aquino.  Thousands of people from all walks of life have joined the funeral march today which took more than 12 hours. It was not a  state funeral but its more than like that. Its been like the day of her husband Ninoy when she said goodbye. Ex-President Cory Aquino funeral today reminds us that there is something to remember. Something that is very important which is to reunite each and everyone of us. They will be always  a big part of our history and that will makes us remember the day that we are freed from the dictatorship of Marcos. Now personally, i am thankful for that and i pay my respect  for Ex-President Cory Aquino. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family. Goodbye President Cory Aquino.

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Sunday, July 5th 2009

12:12 AM

Losing tract

Alright! this is enough. I think this blog is just a waste...no updates and very neglected. How can i possibly say this is a notes of reality when there is no life. It's all my fault because i am not giving life on it. Am i losing  tract of my self or my  life?   The answer is i don't know.  All i know is that there's lacking in me and that i don't know. At this moment i am having difficulties collecting my thoughts, its like digging up a very deep hole and yet still can't find answers. 
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Wednesday, June 24th 2009

11:40 PM


My dreams are weird and terrifying lately. Not sure what it means in real life but i am starting to think about it.  Well i tried not to but it seems that it somehow relates on me. I do believe that there's an explanation for that. Anyway, my apologized for all my friends in here and for those who have leave message for link exchange as i haven't regularly update this blog. I know i have told myself couple of times that i will be updating this but something is holding me back...... not sure what it is but i am hoping  that i will get back in track. Perhaps this will be the start..hopefully i wish. Thank you for those who have added me on their blogroll...i will add you in mine very soon. I will let you know by then. See you
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Wednesday, April 29th 2009

3:44 AM

Pooh's Thoughts for the Day

Hello, I know i hardly post my thoughts here for quite a long time now. I was gone for couple of months but i was hoping to get back soon. Today it was like i woke up from a very deep sleep. Anyway, here is the thoughts for the day and hope it will inspire everyone. Have a nice day! 

"Life has great options,you don't always have to pick what seems best...sometimes,the best & the perfect aren't always what makes you happy...you may have chosen what seems to be a wrong decisi0n or caught in a not so good situation but at times,it is through them that our lives become better

-from unknown-

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Sunday, March 22nd 2009

10:44 PM

Software That Helps Manage Businesses Online

I couldn't imagine how those famous businesses websites manage their many email subscribers everyday. This wonders me before when i don't know nothing about internet and software. I never thought about all of the things that is related to internet until i got engaged with working online.

So as i came acrossed many websites i have learned that most of them uses email marketing software or email software in managing their many subscribers. They even used email newsletter to spread important announcement to all of  their subscribers which i find it very useful. It is very amazing that people nowadays came up with those helpful high technology ideas to help businesses to be more effiecient and effective. I know there are still a lot of similar things out there that was recently created to help manage businesses and each of it has its own distinct features. So in other words, you can choose the best suited software you can use to manage your business online.

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Saturday, March 21st 2009

11:32 PM

Watching Movies At Home

One thing good about getting stock at home during rainy days or winter is that you will be able to spend some quality time with your family like watching movies together at home. This is good if you have lots of Dvd's to watch or if you have Direct TV at home that has 60 plus premium channels to watch that features original movies, original series and Hollywood hits. Now with Direct TV Packages you will more enjoy  watching movies  as well as your local channel because Direct TV package has included DVR System  which gives you total control over what you watch and how you watch it.

Now another good thing when getting stock at home is that you can spend time playing with your kids or cook a very nice meal that your family and love ones will enjoy or perhaps you can just slouch in bed and have a nice warm sleep all day you want. Those are just some of the things that is nice to do when you are at home during rainy and winter days.

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Wednesday, March 4th 2009

1:10 AM

Low Disk Space....

I can't help but to feel annoyed whenever this thing happens but will what can i do my PC is so old. I always tried to sort  out this PC problem i have but well, i am not that too knowledgeable about technical stuff. I  can  still use it  though but i have to deal with the very slow annoying low disk space that always puffs up every minute which makes all frozen and took so long to get back to normal. Anyway, i am just ranting a bit to feel better. ...phew!
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